"Not just a Bible study"

Welcome to the CBSI Nederland website.

CBSI is the Dutch branch of Community Bible Study International. This is an inter-denominational movement with the goal of getting everyone in the world into God's Word. 

CBSI wants to help you thru the study of God's Word, the Bible, to gain a deeper relationship with the living God. Come participate in one of our Bible studies in a small group that cares for you. 

CBSI is a Bible study for everyone. We believe that the Bible is intended for all people, both within and without the church.   For that reason, CBSI is not affiliated with a particular church or denomination. Our goal is to be the Christian community together thru understanding the Scriptures and promoting love and unity. 

Work in progress

Recently, our name has been changed into: Community Bible Study Nederland. As we are a worldwide operating organization, we are globally aiming for the same name, logo and appearance as much as possible. Per country, there might be minor differences if this is better for a particular country or culture, but in general there is now more unity worldwide.

For those of you who read our Newsletters, the above is not new. Currently, our website is being updated to the new house style - the result of this can be seen here soon.


Our new Dutch logo is now:


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